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Hello owners/tenants!

If you are new to the area, we want to welcome you to our community! If you are a current owner/tenant, we are happy you’re here! Please feel free to browse the website for any information you may need. If you cannot find something or need any assistance, please feel free to contact one our board members from our current list of “Officers and Contacts” on our pages tab.

This website will be updated as meetings occur, units are bought/sold, release of monthly newsletters, and any important notices that need to go out to owners/tenants as they occur.

Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association would like to bring this information to all property owners at Hidden Oaks and have put it on our home page so that anyone visiting our site will see it because it’s new and important:

With Property/Unit Concerns, please contact the Property Manager, by text or voicemail, stating your name, unit number, and concern: Patricia Buie-Hayes at 214-212-6874. We are currently looking for anyone that would like to take the position of property manager. If you are interested in possibly taking over this position, please contact any current board member.

FirstCall Emergency Notification System

During an emergency, the City of Rockport and Aransas County will implement the First Call Emergency Notification System.  Citizens with caller ID on their phones should take note that the caller’s name that appears is “First Call” and that the call will have a 361-area code.  The system will call each telephone number in the database. Once answered, the system will deliver a short voice message to you or your answering machine.  If a recipient of a call wants to hear the message again, calling the phone number that appears on the caller ID will give residents the opportunity to listen to the call again.  If the call is not answered or if the line is busy, the system will attempt to make the call again.  The system can also send this emergency message to a cell phone by SMS (text) and can be received by email.

Residents must register with the system in order to receive messages from FirstCall.  There are two methods by which to register:

-Online at https://alertregistration.com/AransasCoTx/

-By telelphone at (866)484-3264